Antal besökare st, varav denna månad, denna vecka och idag.

måndag 21 april 2008

New Kit on K-joi studios

This will soon be up at K-joi.

Love Music

Paperpack contains 6 diffrent papers with patterns that make you think about music.

You find in the elementpack 2 CD Labels that you can print out and glu onto your cd-disk (dvd).
There is also the text “ Love Music” – 9 letters with a note in a chain, 3 diffrent holds, an arrow, a banderoll with text; Thank you for the music, 2 diffrent chains, 2 diffrent clefs, 1 corner, 1 text speakers corner, 1 heart, 2 journaling, 1 sticker “ I wanna rock”, 9 diffrent notes, 1 button, 2 tags, 1 rock star and 5 stars.

tisdag 1 april 2008

My new worldwide Creative Team

I want to welcome my new CT

The Creative Team is now FULL. Here is all the memenbers:

Marita/Tussemaja - sweden;
Fru Grip - sweden;
Leslie - Australia;
Liz - Cina;
Marta - Portugal;
Melissa - South Africa;
Mojo - USA;
Molly - Sweden;
Nina -USA;
Therese - Sweden;
Werali - Sweden;