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fredag 30 oktober 2009

Sneakpeak - Site Collaboration Kits - december

This is a SneakPeak - my contrabution to the big Colloboration Kit för december and K-joi Studios

Sunshine in my hair

A small kit with

5 different papers, 1 brad, 1 flower, 1 frame, 1 half circle, 1 he&she, 1 journaling, 1 ribbon, 1 stickpin, 2 sun, 1 sunborder, 2 tags, 1 zip

price; 2 dollar

Find it here

Ancestors voice

A small kit with 4 different papers, 1 butterfly, 1 journaling, 1 arrow, 1 brad, 1 button, 1 corner, 2 flowers, 1 heart, 1 hold, 1 frame, 1 ornament, 1 photocorner, 1 plate, 1 rickrack, 1 overlay, 2 tags

price; 2 dollar

Find it here

Creamy Brown

A small kit
8 different papers, 1 journaling, 1 quickpage,
I paper with edge, 2 brads, I dots, I girl, 1 hold,
1 puncinella, 2 ribbons, 1 ring, 1 seal, 1 tag
1 stickpin

price; 3 dollar

Find it here

onsdag 8 juli 2009

RELEASE 27/7 - New Kit; Against bullying

Releasedate at K-joi Studios; 27 July

AGAINST BULLYING – 11 different papers and 41 elements
Extra stuff; 4 papers with border, 2 qp and 1 bloghead
price; 6 dollar - 1 DOLLAR goes to the association Friends

The song "What If" is a cooperation between the association Friends and Darin in Sweden. It´s about bullying, how serious the problem is and how much it hurts. The big question is "How would it feel if it was you or anyone near that become exposed"

Darin : What If Lyrics

tisdag 7 juli 2009


Jag jobbar i bildprogrammet; Photoshop elements som finns i olika versioner men som fungerar i grunden likadant. Programmet är ett billigare alternativ, syskon till de större photoshop programmen och fungerar utmärkt till digital design för oss som inte är proffs. Om man tycker att programmet har vissa begränsningar så brukar det visa sig att det är ens egna kunskaper om programmet som är den största begränsningen. Det kan nämligen utföra en mängd olika finesser.
Klicka på rubriken eller under Matrial i högra spalten.

MAKE A BLINKIE Klicka på rubriken eller under Matrial i högra spalten.

Add BLINKIE till din blogg och forum Klicka på rubriken eller under Matrial i högra spalten.

Jag har skrivit en beskrivning om hur man gör en enkel och snabb vikning av en kant enligt bilden. Filen innehåller både text och bilder så att du lätt ska kunna följa med och vika dina kanter. Klicka på rubriken eller under Matrial i högra spalten.


fredag 12 juni 2009

NOW - new things happen.


Now I´m designing again. But it might take time before you see it here. I´ll be back in the autumn.

I have sold out my whole SHOP at K-joi Studios and I´m planning on coming back after summer.

As you all know I had to let go of my designteam so I´m on my own now.
I´m still going to design för ONE shop.
I let you know more later.

Keep on going.

lördag 1 november 2008

Digital Design - new book coming up

I have worked a lot to get the Design Book ready before christmas. This is the first book in this subject in Sweden.

Digital Design with Photoshop elements - coming up

Fired the CT team

Here are some NEWS for you all.

I have had a hectic time working with two books.
That´s the reason that I havn´t design anything on a long time.

I had to let the CT team go because I didn´t feel good having them waiting for designs that never came.

tisdag 9 september 2008

Very busy...

I´m sorry I havn´t had the time to design for the moment. I have several ideas in my head but mu time is limited just now. I will be back..bewere...