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onsdag 8 juli 2009

RELEASE 27/7 - New Kit; Against bullying

Releasedate at K-joi Studios; 27 July

AGAINST BULLYING – 11 different papers and 41 elements
Extra stuff; 4 papers with border, 2 qp and 1 bloghead
price; 6 dollar - 1 DOLLAR goes to the association Friends

The song "What If" is a cooperation between the association Friends and Darin in Sweden. It´s about bullying, how serious the problem is and how much it hurts. The big question is "How would it feel if it was you or anyone near that become exposed"

Darin : What If Lyrics

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Molly sa...

Good that you aRE "ON " AGAIN...
It´ssummer in the North of Sweden, rain and cold so there is time for scrapping. But it´s Ok weather for photos.